New Mission.

((Here are the following Dinkys that are shown in the last panel in order which they’re shown: (note, not all of them are Dinky blogs)

Discorded Derpy’s Dinky

Discordant Derpy’s Dinky

Discorded Whooves’ Dinky

Dinky Draws

Lady Derpy’s Photo Shoot Dinky

Time Traveler Dinky

Dinky Dawberry Doo

Dinky’s Diary

Popstar Derpy’s Dinky

Depressed Derpy’s Dinky

Daring Dinky Do

9th Whooves’ Dinky

Clockwise Whooves’ Dinky

Out of Work Derpy’s Dinky

And the last is artist’s own Dinky from her Doctor blog. Since she hasn’t appeared yet in that blog, it won’t be linked.

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